Prom’s comes from the word promenade. It is a traditional semi-formal dance that’s practiced in the United States and Canada yet in the United Kingdom it denotes the meaning of a bunch of concerts or as they call it “proms”.In High school’s at the end of the academic year they usually hold an event that’s held at the end of the junior year (11 th grade) and that the end of the senior year they hold a senior prom’s (12 th grade).

Prom’s is a dance that gets people together before going of to college and helps bring the classic side in some because it’s a formal event:the GIRLS wear fancy well designed dresses with derogations such as lace and  diamonds those are called prom dresses . Can’t forget the hair with the most professional look and the tiara that would be called prom’s gowns , without the perfect heeled shoe that would be a mess. Now on to the guys they wear a formal black suit with a nice tie , shiny broach , and shiny black classic shoes. This so called dance is what marks the end of High school’s and the begging of the new life ahead of these teenagers to live the college life , leave home , work hard , and miss there friends.

This is an event that brings everyone together sort of like a reunion which is great to say goodbye in a huge party with everyone you love and hate in one place and share the last moments dancing , getting closer , and having the time of your life. Attending your prom’s you must be prepared to look formal and stunning enough to be voted prom’s queen or king may the best mister or mistress win. Of course in every State each High school’s celebrates in a different way and in other states proms are held in Jounir High to celebrate the end of the middle stage of ones life and move on to the early stage of growing up.

In conclusion , Usually the USA and Canada, hold a prom party, which stands for promenade, which means sophisticated (formal dress) dance, or to gather high school students. Prom  always takes place at the end of juniors’ and seniors’ years. In the UK, the definition is mostly understood to be in references to a collection of musical concerts, or “proms,” which have taken place during the months of July and September since 1895 and now are viewed live on the BBC.
The British synonym for the North American event would be Leaver’s’ Ball, Leaver’s’ Dinner, sophisticated or, unsophisticated, Leaver’s’ Hair-Do. This is approximated to the Australian definition, yet in the UK, most high-schools have named  the events listed above as “proms”. In Canada, Ireland, and Australia the word Grad or sophisticated are mostly used and the prom is usually done for those graduating high school and middle school. In Ireland, the prom is called the Debs, which is taken from the word Debutante.

Minor schools have held a school event open for every student to attend. Major high-schools have held two prom events, a junior party for those graduating the 11th grade year and a senior party for those who have finished high-school. When the junior and senior parties are put together, it is at times traditional to have the junior classes help in  planning, organizing, and also decoration of the venue for the prom. Proms are usually attended by junior and senior students, yet some schools give permission for all students to join. This has required that the ticket purchaser must be an upperclassman. At most high-schools, the schools’ administrative office may have limited attendance for the student body from the other schools or of in the area schools. In unsuspected cases, alumni may join the party with attending students, yet the school may apply age rules for such party attenders.
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