Armani prom dresses

Armani prom dresses

Once Giorgio Armani showed up on the cover of Time magazine on 5 April 1982, he was the initial fashion designer to be introduced this way since  Dior . A considerable impact on most contemporary men’s wear designers, Armani inspired designing clothes for both men and women during the second half of the twentieth century.

Interrogating the pattern of men’s designer clothing in the contemporary world when he established his initial mens wear line in 1974, Armani prom dresses formulated a new trend settled on a tasteful informal lifestyle. reshaped and re-proportioned the male suit applying gentler, more lethargic textiles, eradicating any unnecessary details.

His men’s clothing suits have become the supreme mark of sensuality accompanied with confidence, instead of power.

Once he established his women’s wear line in 1975, Armani expected the second wave of the women’s liberation movement, which climaxed in the 1980s. He designed a masculine look for women making daytime clothes that were known for their cut, simplicity and utilization of elegant textiles.

He aggregated masculine cutting formulas with languid, soft, feminine textiles, and made-up the new power suit’ for women. He altered the figure of the armhole, simplified the finishing details and applied textiles made up of seven or eight various colored strings in the textile, to make a smooth, muted color that was difficult to describe.

Nicknamed ‘Mr Hollywood’, Armani prom dresses established the androgynous look for women once Diane Keaton wore his clothes in the film. He reinvented the idea of celebrity dressing and attained international popularity through dressing Richard Gere in the 1980 film American Gigolo Armani. The list of Hollywood celebrities who wear Armani prom dresses almost exclusively nowadays comprise Tom Cruise,  Jodie Foster and  Blanchett, among others.
Armani prom dresses evening clothes for women is recognized for its beautiful beadwork, diaphanous textiles and model layering, emphasizing his reputation for trend, elegance and glamour.

Armani prom dresses was a pioneer in the set up of more affordable dispersal lines – ‘Mani’ and Le Collezione . He stepped up with his line of Work Empire in 2000 with the establishment of Armani prom dresses Casa Home wares, a cosmetics line and a new high fashion array known as Armani prom dresses Prive, which preponderantly comprised of red carpet evening clothes. The Guggenheim Museum in New York established a retrospective exposition of Armani’s work in October 2000, which went through all over the world.

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