Las Vegas prom theme

Las Vegas prom theme

Setting up a themes party is an effective method to create a climate and accomplish it – beginning at the party invitations and ending at the party favors. While “Casino” is a famous Bat and Bar Mitzvah party – “Viva Las-Vegas” is a bit different, concentrating more on the charm of Las-Vegas rather than just on the gambling.

Invitations:  Sending out an  invitation that has the renowned “Welcome to Las Vegas” billboard on it is ideal. At the end of the invitation comprise a line that says something like “What Las Vegas prom theme happens at Sarah’s Viva Las Vegas party stays at Sarah’s Viva Las Vegas Party” (a play off the greatly renowned “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” advertising campaign).

Apply Vegas Themes Place Card Holders: These are Las Vegas prom theme facile to get hold of and cheap. They assist prepare the stage for the party as people get into the room and look to recognize where they will be sitting. Besides, guests will take them home to apply as photo or memo holders.

Ornamentations: You simply can’t do better than the proms party specialists (like Andersons or Stumps)for impressive props and ornamentations. Here concentrate more on the “Welcome to Las Vegas” or “Viva Las Vegas” entry arches, Palm tree props, etc. than the traditional casino/gambling ornamentations and props).

Recommendations for integrating the theme all over the party:

* Have the wait team dressed as lounge lizards. (gold lame jackets, ‘silk’ shirts, slicked back hair). Most costume stores can assist you here and if you don’t have one where you reside, there are online costume stores as well

* Apply an Elvis imitator. Young and old too will enjoy this. He can carry out a short show and then just wander at the party striking up poses with guests. Make certain a photographer is available to afford the photo to the guests (Polariods are ideal for this!). There might be other ‘Vegas’ imitators that would likewise suitable for the party.

* Vegas is famous for Las Vegas buffets so offering the meal buffet style is surely suitable. Having ‘stations’ – entrée, sides, etc. is likewise an estimable Las Vegas prom theme thing.

* For sure you can arrange ‘gambling’ (card tables, roulette, etc.) or you can keep off the ‘gambling’ activity of Vegas and concentrate more on the ‘glam’ – headliners, big lights, etc.

* Shirley Temples for all! At any rate- a Vegas party wouldn’t be complete without a Las Vegas prom theme blended (non-alcoholic for the young) drinks.

* Make certain the Las Vegas music played throughout the night comprise some popular Vegas Headliners: Sinatra, Cher, Celine Dion, etc.

Party Favors: At the end of the party your Las Vegas prom theme guests will go home feeling happy with a memento in their hands. Party favors could comprise: bags of personalized chocolate poker chips, personalized decks of cards having the “Welcome to Las Vegas” icon, big fuzzy dice or Vegas themed grippy socks.

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