Prom hair and make up

Prom hair and make up

Prom is approaching, and I think all of you young ladies are attempting to determine what to do with your hair!  Allow me warrant that you will not have to expend more than $100 styling your hair since I’m going to tell you how to handle it yourself.  This style is classic and never seems to get old.  It goes most effectively on hair of medium to long length, and of any kind.  You will require some ponytail holders and a large number of bobby pins.

Begin through easily setting your hair up into 2 ponytails, if your hair is really intense you might need to make 4 Prom hair and make up ponytails in a square on the back of your head.  From there, begin with 1 ponytail and carve it up into half and half once more so you fetch up with four similar  parts (more if you have really intense hair).  Maintain each one separate through easily binding a holder around each one, or just dropping it over your head.

Assume the tress in the middle of your Prom hair and make up head and make certain it has no ravels.  Be cautious with your brush, you don’t need to unintentionally jumble the tresses. Wet your hands with water, or gel if you need to ascertain no make up flyaways.  Run your hands along the length of the strand till it is wet sufficiently to create a figure.

Beginning at the top, twist the tress to a tight spiral.  At the time you have 1.5-2 inches twisted carry it against your skull with one hand and pin it down with the other.  If you have a hardship getting the pin to remain, apply a second and cross it over the initial.  So you will fetch up with two pins making up an X holding your hair in place.

Keep on twisting and pinning every two inches or so till the Prom hair and make up tress is completed. Go on to the following tress in the same ponytail and do the same thing. It is most effective if you maintain the new curls as close as you can to the originals to keep off any open space. Once done with all the tresses in the initial ponytail, just go on to the next and stick to your way from the center out.

Be a bit creative

Some instructions to be more creative would be to twist the hair back into the ponytails.  Or, you could establish a zig-zag part all the way from your forehead to your neck.  You could likewise gel the ends of each hair tress so they stick out upright from the Prom hair and make up coils.  Don’t miss the glittering hairspray!

So you aren’t required to expend $100 to make it look like you did! This hair style is suitable for any hair kind, but you might need to invest in a good hair straightener to make it more facile for you. Anyone can do this easy Prom hair and make up style, but I would suggest rehearsing before your prom night. Enjoy your time!

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