Prom hairstyles for thick hair

Prom hairstyles for thick hair

Perms are achieved through applying formulas and chemicals to break and regenerate the bonds of hair. They work most effectively for intense hair that has not been colored. Generally, a Prom hairstyles for thick hair perm takes around two hours to take effect and generally endures around 3-5 months. For sure, there are various ways applied for perms and various results for different formulas.

Below are the various kinds of perms:

Alkaline perms:

These are most effective for the hair, which has not yet gone through any sort of treatment before such as hair coloring, gloss, loose, etc. This can assist to establish firm and strong curls. It has a ph level of more than 7.5 that is why this sort of perm offers a firm and strong curl results on natural hair.

Acid perms:

Will afford a soft acidic touch that brings down the probability of hair harm, which is fit for weak, fine or sensitive kinds of hair.

Exothermic perms:

Will produce a result of vivacious, lively and durable curls. The term exothermic symbolizes the heat that is established by the reaction of the chemical that comes out when an ingredient, such as lotion, is blended to offer powerful touch to the hair.

Spiral perms:

Are achieved through applying long perm rods rather than rollers, which leads to romantic spiral curls. This kind of style assists to contribute intensity to the hair and looks really fine on long hair.

Pin curl perms:

These are for an ephemeral styling of hair that makes soft, natural curl and waves. This Prom hairstyles for thick hair fits women who do not have enough time to go to beauty shops to have their hair done. Pin curls are small parts of hair curled around the finger and supported with a bobby pin.

Stack perms:

This is most effective for haircuts such as the one-length style. Through leaving the hair on top flat, curlers of various sizes are applied to give intensity, texture and vivacious look to the middle and bottom Prom hairstyles for thick hair parts of the hair. It looks really natural when stack perms are performed very well.

Body perms/waves:

These are flowing perms that are established through applying big curlers, which afford a smooth and natural wave to a really upright hair. Yet, if the hair has a slight wave, the normal curl is accented through focusing on the lower layers of the hair. The results of this kind of perm are counting on the natural consistency and condition of the hair.

Root perms are established through rolling the hair 2-4 inches nearest to the scalp. This perm lifts the roots that will intensifies the hair and make it stand away from the scalp. The formula works most effectively on a short hair.

Spot perms:

These are achieved through leaving the hair wrapped around with a roller or permanent rod for a specific period before applying the chemicals to loosen up the hair. This perm establishes Prom hairstyles for thick hair movement and intensity on the chosen area of the hair.

Intensifying Perms:

These are permanent waves that are appropriate for various sorts of hair lengths, but the effect disappear more rapidly than conventional perms, which endure about 6 months. This kind of Prom hairstyles for thick hair perm gives more intensity, texture to dull and lifeless hair and turns out to stunning and vivacious look.

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