Prom shawls

Prom shawls
Shawls vary in figures, colors and sizes.
There are various methods to tie a shawl and each method helps in making me feel attractive, exquisite and stunning. The method I use to tie my shawl is a reflection to my personality. That is why I regard a shawl to be more than a fashion accessory… it is a “style feature”!
Being a style specialist, it is my job (and interest) to present to my clients various methods to take the most advantage from their fashion accessories. I apply many of the tips myself for I am seldom viewed without one of these fine-looking Prom shawls accessories. A shawl is a useful accessory. Sometimes I tie it like a belt, while at other cases I apply it as head cover. Sometimes I apply my shawl to warm myself from chilly weather and on other times I apply it to beautify a fine-looking evening dress.
• Various methods to tie a Shawl: I apply the Ascot trend oftentimes in winter. It is simple, looks fashionable and helps me feel warm. The method to tie a shawl like this is to fold it into two, wrap it around your neck and then take the Prom shawls ends pull them through the loop which is organized once you fold the shawl in half.
• The reverse shawl is my preferable for evening wear, particularly once I am wearing a really formal dress. I just assume a flattering rich-looking shawl and then drape the open shawl over my shoulders, with the ends down my back. Prom shawls looks exquisite and stylish. This method of tying a shawl is perfectly fit for women who are tall and slim. Sometimes when it fits me, and shown in my how to tie shawls articles, I just knot the two ends behind my back to get an immediate  appearance of being chic. When I wear jeans, I just love to enhance my hips with a shawl. I take my shawl and keep folding it lengthwise till it is a just a couple of inches. I then take it and either loop it through the belt hoops or wear it low on my hips. I Prom shawls tie the ends on one side and let them fall.
• Sometimes I just don’t have the intention to do anything with my shawls so I prefer the poncho trend in which I take a triangular shawl, drape it over my back with the ends meeting in front. I either fasten the ends with a shawl clip or just knot them loosely. A large number of my Prom shawls clients don’t like knotting the ends as they feel it bears grandmother look for it. So, they just apply a decorative shawl pin or brooch.

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