Prom theme kits

Prom theme kits

Preparing for your school’s prom? Here are some themes to think of. Keep in mind that you have to choose a prom theme that will establish a graceful mood and look significant in photos. Apply stimulating backgrounds and props and take care of lighting and details.

Enchanted Forest

Develop a romantic nighttime mood with fine-looking Prom theme kits backgrounds of trees and glaring northern lights. Apply plentiful shades of greens, blues, purples, and browns for the ornamentation. Props: Woodland theme creatures, unicorns, mini pine trees, artificial leaves.

Standardized Prom Themes: Magical Garden Theme, Fairy Tale Theme, Twilight Theme, Alice in Wonderland Theme

Old Hollywood

Turn it into an extra-impressive night through stretching out a red carpet; apply red, gold, black and white as a olour scheme; establish a background full of black and white pictures of Hollywood actors; have a paparazzi line for guests to walk by and establish a Hollywood Walk of Fame for your school. Props: Oscar statues, a spotlight/searchlight

Standardized Prom Theme: Oscar Awards Theme

Monte Carlo

A romantic and gorgeous Prom theme kits place like Monte Carlo is a significant climate to set your prom theme on. Make certain to establish lots of effete visual figures that reflects Monte Carlo’s charm and sophistication. Apply kits backgrounds and props to imitate Monte Carlo’s beaches, casinos, racetracks, yachts, and historic buildings

Standardized Prom Themes: New York City Theme, Venice Theme, Paris Theme, Rome Theme, Rio de Janeiro Theme

Ice Castle

Establish a romantic Arctic winter wonderland for your prom. Apply a great deal of white, silver, and light blue decor. Props: artificial snow, ice carvings, polar bear and penguin patterns, many transparent plastic items to symbolize ice. Make certain to hang big glistering snowflakes from the Prom theme kits ceiling to spice up the climate.

Standardized Prom Theme: Viking Theme

Desert Sunset

Reflect the charm and romance of a desert sunset with landscape backgrounds. Props: cactus covered in glistering white christmas lights, silhouettes of cowboys on horses, and many palm trees

Standardized Prom Themes: African Safari Theme, Sunset on the Mediterranean Theme

Monarch or Renaissance

Renovate a King and Queens court with a renaissance theme. Establish backgrounds with lots of columns, red carpet, court fools, and knights. Props: crowns, tiaras, thrones, artificial marble and gold Prom theme kits ornamentations, chandeliers

Standardized Prom Themes: Greek Mythology Theme, Egyptian Pharaoh Themes, Art History Theme, Jane Austen Themes, Masquerade Themes

Black Swan Ballet

Carry out something unique and establish dark and twisted ballet themes for your prom. Apply the movie “Black Swan” to be your visual influence. Props: an artificial Prom theme kits pond with swans, black feathers, mirrors, and silhouettes of ballet dancers.

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