Prom tube

Prom tube
Spring has reached some of us and will befall soon for others. Here are some instructions for establishing a new spring/summer fashion to your closet. Visit your preferable fabric store and buy a 1/2 yard (18″ by 54 to 60″ wide) of stretch textile.
This will be sufficient to create a tube top and cover a pair of thong sandals. If you bear three or four pairs, pruce them up by covering them up with other additional kinds of print stretch textiles.
Now create the Prom tube tops to fit them and you get a new spring and summer look. Take those old flip flops sandals out of the closet.
1. You begin by covering the sides with your new textile (the stretch textile), you can apply a spray adhesive (3M Supper adhesive) you can buy at a hardware store. Cover the Prom tube top and bottom part of the sandals so you don’t get any adhesive on those areas.
Cut a full strip of the material that will wrap around the sides of the body of the sandal and cut away the spare hanging over the top edge and bottom edge.
2. Then cut a strip to cover the top part of the thong. Make certain you Prom tube safeguard the area where you feet rest onto the sandal through covering the part where your feet rest on the insole. Apply brown paper bag with masking tape. Spray the thong and spray the inside or wrong side of the textile and press it onto the thong textile part of the shoe. Have a new sole put on those that tube demand it.
3. Prom tube top blouse are really simple to make. Just cut the textile 3″ less than the size of the width of your waist. Examples, if your waist is 28 inches cut the textile 25 inches wide, fold and sew edges conjointly, 1/2 inch on the seam.
An effective stretchable textile that stretches both directions is what you seek in an effective stretch textile. Prom tube will suit well on your bust size too.

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