Rent a prom date

Rent a prom date

You believe ‘Rent-To-Sell’ is the most effective method to sell in these conditions? Why is it more estimable than just posing my house for sale?” (Sceptical The Queen City Home marketer)

“My son will surely get Rent a prom date to that darn prom no matter what will I do to get this done…” (Depressive teasing cry from the father of “Ugly Kid”)

A father is facing a trouble. In fact, it was his son’s fuss, but he couldn’t accept the thought that his young man was really unattractive to the opposite sex. So now the fuss was his. The high school junior prom was just three short weeks away and his son was still unable to get a Rent a prom date . “Poor boy,” the father claimed as he grabbed his retired black book to see if any of his prior connections had a daughter his son’s age. How could this be befalling?

It surely wasn’t for deficiency of travail. Not just had his son asked out all girls in his class, but he also had tried sending invitations to all girls in his grade, And so every girlfriend in his highschool, and each girl in his emergent date Facebook accounting. No go. The real world and Internet were showing just similar harshness. Obviously, once a person has gained the nickname of “Ugly Kid”, the wheel is turned against you. Yet, the father was not let down and started his attempt to get his son a Rent a prom date .

It began with applying message boards from high schools all across the country and placing advertisements. “Attention High School Girls: Great Guy looking for Rent a prom date , impressive Personality, No pics accessible (disk drive crashed), create give Airfare, Room, & Board to North Carolina.” He alarmed radio station djs to his son’s fuss. He submitted thousands of entries into the “Win a Rent a prom date with Britney Spears” competition. He posed profiles on Match and High School prom Girls Here. And then, he wait…

Rent a prom date
Something fell out. He started receiving e-mails and his phone started to ring continuously. Across the nation, high school girls were asking for more information (and pictures) regarding his posts. Djs were presenting him in their shows and having fan prom girls call him in. Activity was flourishing and the agitation was recognizable. And then one week before Rent a prom date , his son received a call from a Carolina girl from Charlotte who said the great respond he had been wishing to hear, And Dad’s work paid off Rent ; “Ugly Kid” was to attend the dance.

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