Flip prom

Flip prom

Prom 2008 isn’t about forming just another ideal, delicate cupcake in the pink bakery box- it’s about you being who you are and presenting it!! So you have to show off the person you are and present yourself with hair that says so. We asked the industries top hairstylists what this year’s top party do’s are!! Which one is suitable for you??

If you feel your hair short with spikes, Farouk Artist Cindy Ryman, who likewise works at Image Connection Plus outside of Houston, recommends beginning with wet Flip prom hair updos and building foundation for the finished punk-rock look with layered products.
First of all,” cocktail” equal parts of the following together in the palm of your hand: CHI Silk Infusion, CHI Infared Gel, CHI Straight Guard Smooth Styling Cream. Next, blow dry, applying a vent brush into the needed direction of the trend. At last apply a weightless styling paste to the palms of your hands, rub together gently, and work through your hair.

Apply a medium-length ‘do that actually makes the most of your prom pedigree. For the most fashionable look, sweeping your hair backwards with a simple, narrowed rubber-band, or a smooth or grosgrain ribbon that fits your gown.

If your naturaly curly or wavy tends to be non-ruly, you will desire to tame it into something more civilized. It is all in the wrists. Once the hair is dry, mist it with a thermal protector, then apply a PHI Flat Iron to smooth the strands from scalp to chin. End up with a texture spray and a gleam infusion for control and sparkle with out leaving hair feeling coated and heavy. For a retro Jacki O look, iron your hair smooth to the ends, and Flip prom tips outwards.

Structure of the Flip prom is not suitable for you, so begin with the middle part and get to wear most of your prom hair updo down, with small sections drawn back from the sides and smooth, loose Flip prom tendrils around your face.

This Flip prom look demands as much volume as achievable, so begin by utilizing equal parts of a Glazing gel, and a intensifying cream to damp hair. Pin up all but a bottom part of your hair, and begin drying small parts with a hair drier and a big brush. Go on drying all your hair, and apply the brush to establish soft, smooth curls on the ends. Once your hair is dry pick up small parts, and wind them around your PHI Flat Iron. Then scoop the sides of your prom hair updo and away form your face and apply concealed bobby pins to secure these parts. Leave the hair around your hair line loose to frame your beautiful peepers.

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