Prom 2010

Prom 2010

Prom 2008 isn’t concerned with looking like just another ideal, pastel cupcake in the pink bakery box-it’s about expressing yourself!! So you are demanded to make the most of your specific personality and reflect it with hair that expresses so. We asked the most famous hairstylists what this year’s top party do’s are!! Which one is suitable for you??


If you prefer your hair short with a spike, Farouk Artist Cindy Ryman, who likewise works at Image Connection Plus outside of Houston, recommends beginning with wet hair and establishing foundation for the finished punk-rock look with layered products.

First,-cocktail- is equivalent to some of these items put together in the palm of your hands: CHI Silk Infusions, CHI Infared Gels, CHI Straight Guard Smooth Styling Creams. The following, blow drying, using smooth brushes in the exact location of the hairstyle. After use a weight less style spray to the palm of your hands, rub lightly, and apply through your hair-tips.


Apply a medium-length ‘do that actually makes the most of your Prom 2008 pedigree. For the most stylish look, bring your hair backwards with a simple, very narrow band, or a velvety or grosgrain ribbon that goes with your gown.

If your natural curl or wave seems to be disorderly, you will desire to tame it into something more civilized. It is all in the wrists. Once the hair is dry, mist it with a thermal protector, then apply a PHI Flat Iron to smooth the strands from scalp to chin. The last step will be with a texture spray and a shine infusion for control and shine with out leaving hair feeling coated and heavy. For a retro Prom 2008 Jacki O look, iron your hair smooth to the ends, and flips the tip outward.


Pattern is not appropriate for you, so begin with the center part and intend to pose most of your hair down, with small sections pulled away from the sides and soft hairs down your face -Prom 2008-

This Prom 2008 outfit demands as much intensity as achievable, so begin by utilizing equal parts of a Glazing gel, and an intensifying cream to damp hair. Use pins upside your hair all but a bottom section of your hair, and begin drying small sections with a hair dryer and a big brush. Keep drying all your hair, and apply the brush to attain soft, small curls on the tip-ends. Once your hair is dry, pick up small sections and wind them around your PHI Flat Iron. Then lift out the sides of your hair up and away from your face and apply concealed hairgrips to back these sections. Allow the hair around your hair line loose to frame your beautiful peepers for your Prom 2008.

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