Sean collection prom

Sean collection prom

Hip hop fashion has created a worldwide revolution. Since the 1970s till now, everyone keeps on following it, and also popular people like Beyonce and Jay-Z are special in their hip-hop style.

Several personalities are such lovers of hip hop style that they have begun their own clothing line. Many top names and brands in the fashion business have assumed hip hop culture as inspiration for their own clothing lines. Here are various famous ones which keep on drawing a buzz in the fashion world:

Sean John

Sean collection prom Combs assisted revolutionize hip hop fashion through integrating his urban fashion sense. He made gold chains common, in addition to aviator-inspired suits. His clothing collection comprises jeans, cap, shirt, sock, jacket, and suits as well.


Denim with a street twist features Akademiks, still nowadays they provide an complete line of urban clothing. They have likewise allowed for women’s wear, supported by Keyshia Cole. From jeans to tank-tops, shorts to a jacket, Akademiks is regarded as an essential for every hip hop fashion fan.

Apple Bottoms

Set up by Nelly, this unusual clothing Sean collection prom line is provided to women of all sizes, who would like to stay fashionable! It particularly concentrates on oversized women, permitting them to free themselves of the conventional prescribed prom clothing for women, supporting them to feel and relish the natural curves that a woman’s body bears. In the beginning, a denim collection, it has developed and included clothing trends such as mini skirts, jackets, sweatsuits, and tops; all of which provide a client with an immense range of options.

House of Dereon

Beyonce Knowles is another artist who established her own clothing line, with holding hip-hop style. Supported by her sister Solange and mother Tina, they established a line which, like Nelly’s, caters to women. The similarities do not end the Knowles’ clothing line likewise reveals the curves of a woman, from top to toe.

Phat Farm

No hip hop lover is unacquainted with the Phat Farm brand. Sean collection prom began gaining popularity once well-known hip hop artists put on Phat Farm in their music videos. What Sean collection prom fan can reject following their preferred hip hop artists? Soon after, everyone visit the stores and began assuming Phat Farm clothing, making it jumps on top of the hip hop fashion world.


Jay-Z might be one of the most successful hip hop artists, but he has likewise kept his position as one of the top clothing line creators. Partnering with Damon Dash, Jay-Z established this urban wear clothing tag in 1995. Jay-Z, Sean collection prom being the head of Roc-a-Fella Records, envisioned a clothing line which would fit in considerably in the world of hip hop fashion, therefore the foundation of a extremely-flourishing Rocawear.

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