Marc Jacobs prom dresses

Marc Jacobs prom dresses
Arguable and unconventional trend – courageous manner – and a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) personality is the successful combination that has made 45 year old Marc Jacobs a force to be regarded in the fashion field. At the age of 21, fresh graduate from college, he and partner Robert Duffy established the tag that led it off.
With Jacobs as the creative talented person and Duffy as the financial supporter, their flourishing 24 year trip has attained international popularity with annual sales of about 2 billion. “I actually don’t know what’s opening where,” states Jacobs. And with regards to the launch of Marc by Marc Jacob’s in 2001 “I’m really pleased we expanded,” says Duffy. “It implies that we can go where the profit is, and right now that’s Marc by Marc Jacobs prom dresses.”
From Daisy his bestseller perfume product to the large 45 stores opening this year that will carry the Marc Jacobs prom dresses line – one of which is in Moscow – Jacobs and Duffy make a fantastic fashion statement in their own right to be kept an eye on and learned from lining up the fashion styles for virtually a quarter of a century with no mark of declining in the near future.
Being the dresses creative manager since 1997 for Louis Vuitton he was responsible for the Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton graffiti purses in 2001 and the more recent Sprouse animal-print scarf rage, Takashi Murakami’s smiley-cherry Louis Vuitton designer purse in 2003, and the artistry of Richard Prince for the spring/summer 2008 Louis Vuitton purse collection. You will think about bestowing these new elegant Marc Jacobs prom dresses and modern purses to your art collection.
Last March Jacobs attained media concern in a different fashion once he was admitted, by his friend and partner Robert Duffy, for the second time to a drug rehab facility. He attained tabloid attention when he was brought out and pronounced not guilty. The publicity posed him in the same playing field so to speak as his clients, and his conversion physically is noticeable.
Jacobs speaks about his choice of Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs prom dresses as the face of his signature line. “Just like I’m concerned about modern art, music, all kinds of things, I’m crazy about pop culture, and people’s craze about her and other modern icons, as I call them. As soon as I met her after the Louis Vuitton show for spring/summer 2008, once she came backstage, I got the idea and went to meet her at the Ritz and Marc Jacobs. We talked about the irony and perversity of it, and she completely understood.” With his usual muses being that of Sofia Coppola, Charlotte Rampling and Rachel Feinstein, Beckham is a determinate alteration for Marc Jacobs prom dresses.

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